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Tubal Ligation


Female sterilization includes the closure of fallopian tubes, also called tubal ligation. It can be done after delivery with a small cut on your belly button, or later through small abdominal incisions via laparoscopy, and from the vagina via hysteroscopy without any abdominal incisions. Sterilization is an important decision. Although there is a slight chance that pregnancy can occur after the procedure, it should be thought of as permanent. You should be certain that you do not want any more children—now or in the future. If there is any chance that you may want to have children in the future, think about reversible forms of birth control. Before choosing sterilization, you should know the risks, benefits, and other options. The risks, like any other surgery, include infection, bleeding, risk of injury to other organs, and risks associated with anesthesia. The benefits may include decreased chance of pelvic inflammatory disease and ovarian cancer, no need for any other birth control methods, and no effect on your sexuality and periods. The alternative birth control methods should be considered and discussed with your provider. Some people find that they regret their decision to have sterilization. Women younger than 30 years are more likely than older women to have regrets. Others who have regrets may have made the decision when they were having marital problems or when they felt pressured by someone else to have the procedure. People often have a desire for sterilization reversal when they have a new partner.


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